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Abilities are a game play feature in Carrion.

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Stage Independent Abilities[]

Prehensile Tentacle[]

The Monster extends a tentacle which can be used to interact with objects and enemies in the environment. It can also be used to distract Soldiers.

  • Polycheiria upgrades can increase the max number of tentacles that can be created at a time, up to three maximum.


The Monster extends a mass of flailing tentacles which burrow into a host and after a few seconds allows the player to control them. While occupying a host, the player is able to interact with switches, use firearms and shields, pass through sensors without triggering them and even pilot Dreadnoughts. If the host isn't armored, ending Parasitism will make the Monster erupt from the host, consuming them and serving as passage through Grated Walls. While looking for a host, the tentacle has very limited range. The range of body control is rather long, but not unlimited.

  • Greater Parasitism (Ending Sequence Only)

The Monster is able to better assimilate and even store DNA from its prey. Utilizing stored DNA, the Monster has learned to reconstruct itself into a human to completely blend in and use/fool bio-scanners. (With the exception of the Advanced Survey Drones).


The Monster lets out a roar which helps to locate (edible corpses is a upgrade) and hives. The roar can also be used to taunt humans, causing them to back away in fear. Soldiers in contrast will run towards the noise instead.

Stage Dependent Abilities[]

Stage 1[]

Photokinesis (First Stage Defensive)[]

Utilizing assimilated DNA, the Monster is able to bend light around its body, effectively making it invisible. While in this state the Monster is undetectable by enemies and sensors; however, any movement by the Monster rapidly drains energy.

Arachnoptysis (First Stage Offensive)[]

The Monster launches out a sticky web, much like a spider's. The net can be used to temporarily bind enemies or used to replenish energy from power stations or trigger switches through Grated Walls.(even if underwater)

Stage 2[]

Acanthosis (Second Stage Defensive)[]

The Monster utilizes assimilated keratin to construct hazardous spikes which launch at enemies that get too close. Using this ability requires energy which can be replenished by Power Stations.

Xiphorrhea (Second Stage Offensive)[]

The Monster generates bladed appendages and launches itself forward, slashing and ramming into anything in its path. This is highly effective in destroying wooden structures, interactable objects, and pushing out metal plugs.

Stage 3[]

Keratosis (Third Stage Defensive)[]

The Monster utilizes keratin to construct thick plating around its nodes. The plating is able to withstand a considerable amount of damage and allows the player to survive one explosive trap. Blocking damage with this ability requires energy which can be replenished by Power Stations.

Harpagorrhea (Third Stage Offensive)[]

The Monster shoots out a large tentacle from each node that embeds in a target and aggressively retracts. This ability can be used to pull out metal plugs in the opposite direction, destroy most objects and deal colossal damage to enemies caught in its path.

Passive Abilities[]


Turns the monster into a swarm of worms while underwater, allowing it to pass through grated walls. (Found in the leviathan reef base)


Increases your capacity for energy. Can be upgraded three times.


Increases your resistance to fire and increases the time needed to catch on fire. Can be upgraded twice.


  • The amount of worms in the Hydrophilia worm swarm is equal to the amount of biomass the Monster has.