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Evolutions are a gameplay feature in Carrion. There are 3 stages of evolution in the game. Each stage has unique abiities.

New stages must be unlocked by finding a DNA sample of the evolution. Each stage is associated with a five unit range of biomass, so you can manipulate your evolutionary stage by altering your biomass count through consuming humans, gaining biomass from hive crevices, consuming and depositing biomass cocoons in isolated pools, and taking damage.

1st Stage (1-5 Biomass) - The monster has green eyes and glowing green HP bar. In this stage, the creature is small, fast, and vulnerable. You can fire webs and turn invisible in this form. Since neither of the abilities of this stage deal damage and it provides very little margin of error for taking damage, it is primarily used for solving puzzles and avoiding detection by lasers. Entering combat in this stage generally requires patience and the use of ambush tactics to pick off isolated enemies.

2nd Stage (6-10 Biomass) - The monster has yellow eyes and glowing yellow HP bar. On this stage. creature is moderately strong and large. You can grow keratin spikes and charge enemies and obstacles in this form. This stage is generally used for breaking wooden walls and combat.

3rd Stage (11-15 Biomass) - The monster has red eyes and glowing red HP bar. This is the final stage of evolution and is large and powerful, but rather unwieldy. While this form struggles to move efficiently and take cover, it can take on most enemies with sheer brute force. In this stage, you can attack with a barrage of tentacles and grow keratin armor. With its large reserve of extra biomass and powerful abilities, it's generally the favorite for late-game combat and removing obstacles.