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Note: This article contains spoilers for Carrion's ending.

The Carrion, also known as The Monster or simply Carrion, is the main playable character of Carrion. It is an amorphous biological mass of unknown origin, with it's only apparent desire being to attack and eat humans in order to grow evermore in size.


While having no permanent appearance, The Carrion is, in general, comprised primarily of biological material, including pulsating red flesh, eyes of variable color, and razor sharp teeth. Regardless of it's size, The Carrion is covered in a large amount of tentacles, which it uses more or less as limbs in the way that humans do, though to a notably larger degree. Otherwise, The Carrion has no permanent form, credible to it's unique ability to grow and shrink at an incredible rate by consuming or depositing biomass, respectively.

The Carrion's nature appears to be that of an animals: Survive, primarily by consuming other biological matter. It is carnivorous, and while it is only seen eating humans ingame, it's diet likely encompasses most animals large enough to sustain it. The Carrion's ability to change size by consuming creatures is entirely unique to itself, and as such, how it does this is unknown. It's plausible that The Carrion is made up of primarily muscle rather than flesh, considering the force required to move itself around with just tentacles.

The Carrion likely reproduces asexually, evident by it placing hives around crevices, which may be capable of producing other entities of The Carrion's kind. It's species is, at this time, undefined and unnamed.


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The Carrion possesses a variety of manoeuvres it can employ, owing to it's ability to absorb and deposit biomass and the genetic code of other lifeforms. Several of these actions make use of The Carrion's many tentacles, such as moving itself by latching tentacles onto hard surfaces, picking up objects or lifeforms with a "Prehensile Tentacle", and shaping them into different offensive forms. Others are more passive in nature, including being able to absorb and store electricity, shapeshift into a group of aquatic worms, or simply roaring.

A unique ability of The Carrion's come in the form of a parasite. Using a much smaller, flailing mass of tentacles, it is able to take control of other organisms, though not to an entirely complete degree, with The Carrion bursting out of the victims body either at will or on the latter's death. At the end of the game, however, The Carrion absorbs a complete form of the Parasitism DNA, allowing it to take the shape of a human completely and entirely, though this ability is only used ingame once.


The origin of The Carrion is entirely uncertain. While there are various theories that draw from details from the game, primarily the three flashback sequences used to explain it's existence in the facility, none of these are confirmed, mostly drawing from speculation where evidence is lacking.

Theories on Origin[]

New Species Theory[]

The Carrion is possibly a species either entirely unknown to humanity prior to recent events or fabricated by humanity. Evidence for this comes in the form of it's appearance and biology being completely unique to itself, as well as it's discovery in The Derelict. If this theory is true, The Carrion is more likely to have been created rather than having evolved, as at the time of it's discovery, humanity had already colonised and mapped a significant portion of Earth. It's discovery in The Derelict, which is itself possibly of human origin, may imply it was created by ancient humans. However, this theory is likely false. There is no evidence of ancient humans existing in The Derelict, and Relith Science did not create The Carrion, as evidenced by the flashback sequences. Other details also conclude that this theory is likely incorrect.

Alien Theory[]

The Carrion is potentially a being from another planet or galaxy, unnatural to Earth entirely. Evidence for this comes from, like the New Species Theory, The Carrion's unique appearance and biology and discovery in The Derelict, with although The Derelict itself also has evidence, including the fossilised remains of a cyclopean entity and a the skeleton of a humanoid creature that died from "massive head trauma". The closest possibility of how The Carrion would've been brought to Earth is likely by some method of transportation, as other possibilities such as a crash landing or being intentionally sent to Earth are ruled out by the location of it's discovery. In fact, because of The Derelict's age, as suggested by antediluvian moss discovered in the area, The Carrion may be a remnant of ancient aliens that created this place. However, the evidence for this theory's existence is lacking, as there only a select few signs of The Derelict being of otherwordly creation. Therefore, this theory, while having some merit, is likely incorrect.

Tubifex Worm Theory[]

The Carrion may be an evolved species of tubifex worm, previously unknown to science. The basis of this theory comes from the appearance of "an unidentified species of tubifex worm" in The Derelict, with tubifex worms being similar in nature to The Carrion. In fact, The Carrion itself was first found in a body of water, in the form of a large biomass. This is often considered the most likely theory, as not only are tubifex worms the most comparable creature to The Carrion, but the true amount of tubifex species is unknown, with 13 currently identified. This is currently the most accepted theory.

Incident At Relith Science Facility[]

Discovery in The Derelict[]

After finding an unknown structure known as The Derelict, company Relith Science sent out a research team into the area, with the mission of investigating the area. Several of the evidence used in theories of The Carrion's origin come from notes written by the lead scientist in the expedition. After blowing the caved-in entrance open, the team, along with a camera drone, descended into the facility, where more notes on The Derelict were taken.

At some point, they discovered a large biomass of unknown origin, where they took photos and samples. This is theorised to be The Carrion, evident by the lead scientist emerging from The Derelict late at night, where the area was already locked down following the death of the pilot in mysterious circumstances, and attempting to board the bloodied helicopter, only to be identified as a threat by nearby scanners and shot. Upon being attacked the scientist transformed into The Carrion, but the creature was contained.

Containment Breach[]

The Carrion, after being captured, is believed to have been broken up into various biomass samples, of which were placed around the Relith Science Facility for security reasons. The Carrion itself was placed in the BSL-4 Research Ward, near the Anomalous Materials Vault, in order to continue study on it while also keeping it secure.

However, at some point, The Carrion was able to break out of it's test tube, escaping out of containment into the rest of the BSL-4 Research Ward through the ventilation. It began attacking and killing the science team, and after placing a hive, breach the BSL-4 Research Ward.

Initial Reaction[]

Relith Science reacted to the BSL-4 Research Ward's containment breach by requesting all science personnel to arm themselves with firearms, in order to defend themselves. While the military junkyard was initially safe, The Carrion ended up entering it via a vent, and killed the science personnel hiding there. After obtaining a biomass sample that was contained in the military junkyard, The Carrion breached the area, before finding it's way into the uranium mines.

Relith Science, having realised that the situation was worse than thought, sent their onsite military into the facility to aid in containing The Carrion. While unable to consume them, the creature still killed them, compromising another biomass sample of which caused it to grow further in size. Relith Science sent out a message to the personnel in the uranium mines informing them that the hazardous waste landfill under the military junkyard had not been breached, however, The Carrion soon found it's way into the area, killing any personnel or soldier it found, and eventually breached the hazardous waste landfill.

Further Breaching[]

Venturing further into the facility, The Carrion discovered a vent leading to the botanical gardens, where soldiers wielding flamethrowers had already entered to prevent the creature from further growing, via flames. However, their effort proves futile, and The Carrion succeeded in traversing to another biomass sample, before escaping the botanical gardens. It makes it's way to the leviathan reef base. (work in progress)


  • The Carrion doesn't really have a name, but most refer to it as "The Thing", "The Creature", "It", or "Carrion", the name of the game.
    • Carrion is widely compared to John Carpenter's movie, "The Thing".
    • Carrion by definition is the decaying carcass of a dead animal.
  • Its eye color changes with its evolution stage.
    • First stage: Green
    • Second stage: Yellow
    • Third stage: Red
  • The creature seems to be intelligent as shown when it was capable of pulling levers and knowing where and how to get its abilities, also when it uses the vents and tight spaces to ambush its preys.
  • The creature is very durable as it harvests electricity to gain energy, take multiple bullets and survive catching on fire for long amounts of time.
    • Its shell makes it tougher, it's shown to be capable of protecting the monster from explosives that could instantly kill it.
  • The monster is shown to be very strong - breaking through doors, wooden walls, metal walls, tough protected glass - It can choose to toss a human around like a rag doll with ease.
  • According to the animated trailer, the creature seems to be able to control its host without the long tentacle that follows behind it when you control a person in the game, or that the monster is hiding within the person and the person has free control over their body and was just heading to the lab without knowing the monster was inside them.
  • According to behind the screams, the monster claims it is an artist and loves art, though it isn't known to be canon.
  • According to the trailers, whenever someone is possessed by the monster, their nose starts bleeding, although this probably isn't a direct symptom, and more like a side effect of being stuffed with a mass two times their size.
  • The monster seems to want to live the life of a human, as seen in the flashbacks and ending of the game.
    • This is unlikely, as the end of the comics depicts it entering Seattle through the sewers and exiting through a sewer grate in a parking lot, though the comic ends before it shows the monster's purpose, so far the only theories are:
      • It wants to live as a human for reasons unknown, possibilities include:
        • Escape the scientists and lab due to inhumane treatment, this is supported by the store page description on Steam saying "Grow and evolve as you tear down this prison and acquire more and more devastating abilities on the path to retribution.". This is unlikely since in the comic the monster isn't disguised as a human before exiting the sewer, but this could be an oversight.
        • Curiosity as to what the outside world is like.
        • Research about something outside the lab, or research the monster would rather conduct in a less dangerous environment.
        • Contact the rest of its species for one of the reasons listed above, how the monsters would accomplish this is unknown and this theory is only possible if the monster isn't "an unidentified species of Tubifex worm" and is an alien.
      • It wants to devour the human population and possibly the rest of life.